eVineyard turns to 1oT to improve software offering

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eVineyard uses 1oT's connectivity to give farmers better insights into their vineyards.

eVineyard is a vineyard management software developed by Elmibit, a company specializing in developing smart agriculture software solutions for farmers.

The company is located in Slovenia, where they first started supporting one of Slovenia's biggest wineries. Today they are helping winegrowers from all over the world on five continents.

eVineyard's main strength is a decision support system that helps winegrowers plan and manage their fieldwork. However, the system is as good as the data fed into it, so eVineyard has begun assisting farmers in setting-up weather stations in their vineyards. These stations collect different climatic data, such as temperature, humidity, rainfall, leaf wetness, soil moisture, etc.


Lack of SIM management abilities cost the team valuable time

Before 1oT, the eVineyard had to rely on the local SIM cards so that weather station devices could forward data into the cloud. Sometimes farmers were the ones organizing the connectivity for the devices, which meant that they had to ensure that connectivity is stable and SIM cards don't reach data limits.

"Not having one system to manage and control SIM cards meant we had to constantly check data limits, which represented a big pain for the whole team."

Complicating matters further, the eVineyard team didn't have any visibility into the SIM card management, where farmers organized the connectivity. Solving those difficulties involved many emails and calling back-and-forth.


Global SIM cards with a complete picture of data sessions

Getting started with 1oT SIMs was a quick, hassle-free experience for the eVineyard team. Thanks to the SIM management platform's intuitive interface and a dedicated account manager's attention, the onboarding was a breeze.

It's not cost-efficient to use classical SIM cards from a local convenience store. Especially if nobody has visibility when the SIM reaches the data limit and needs to be topped up.

"Finding the best possible solution for farmers in rural areas where connectivity is often patchy can be challenging. Especially as growers often can't afford high data connectivity costs. That's why finding 1oT was a blast for our team, not only from the economic point of view but also as it's super easy to manage 1oT cards, all in one place."

Therefore, a global service provider offering 2G/3G/4G connectivity with a transparent Pay-As-You-Go pricing model is the simplest way to connect IoT devices.

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