HPNow simplifies installing generators with 1oT's connectivity

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Mikk Lemberg

HPNow uses 1oT's SIMs to automate the installation of generators anywhere in the world.

HPNow is a technology company manufacturing on-site hydrogen peroxide generators. Headquartered in Copenhagen, they are manufacturing the first of its kind hydrogen peroxide generator for a broad range of applications, including water treatment, advanced oxidation processes, agriculture, livestock health, etc.

HPNow manufactures devices that allow generating hydrogen peroxide on-site. They help eliminate logistical and safety problems with transportation and reduce handling and storage costs while increasing supply reliability. The two main market segments are agriculture and water treatment.

Today, they have shipped devices to 20 countries worldwide and continuously strive to advance their technology further.


Too much burden on end-customers with arranging connectivity and installing the devices

Before 1oT, HPNow used to rely on wired Ethernet or locally sourced SIM cards that their client had to arrange.

Neither of the solutions was satisfactory. Ethernet isn't always available, and it adds to the installation process.

Sourcing local SIM cards can be challenging in some countries where HPNow has clients. The clients would be responsible for installing and configuring the connectivity, which is an extra hassle and takes more time.

"We strive to make installation of our products as simple as possible for our clients, and having internet connectivity already configured from our factory enables us to simplify the process."


Global SIM cards are installed during the manufacturing

The key benefit of 1oT global support is that SIM cards can be attached during manufacturing.

Then the HPGens can be shipped anywhere in the world. From the very beginning, devices have an internet connection, which makes the installation process smooth for the client and HPNow.

Partnership with 1oT allows HPNow to control the manufacturing, installation, and deployment process to support and troubleshoot remotely.

With the introduction of the new HPGen I-series, the future seems bright by supporting bigger and demanding applications. 1oT is happy to help HPNow with its expansion plans to reduce water treatment applications' environmental footprints.