1oT Terminal turns data usage patterns into actionable steps

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Artur Rihvk

Analytics tools for business are essential because, in the words of Peter Drucker, "If you can't measure it, you can't improve it."

But sometimes the amount of data is overwhelming, and while you know it's useful, you cannot dig your way through all of the numbers.

So, good news for you. 1oT will do half the work for you.

Today we are releasing the "Analytics" app. 1oT Terminal users can now easily access the most crucial metrics about their data usage.

The "Analytics" app is simple to use and has three distinct categories:

  • Consumption
  • Cost
  • Anomaly detection

If you have a hunch that you could optimise your costs but are not sure where to start, dive into the costs' graphics. Consumption data helps you understand the usage patterns of your devices. So you can plan for updates and maintenance without affecting your users. Last but not least, the anomaly detection helps with catching unexpected issues.

How to get started?

As always, start by activating the app from the App Store. The monthly cost is 0.04€ per active SIMs.

For example, companies with 1,000 active SIMs can enjoy the benefits of the analytics app for 40€ per month.

PS! The first three months of usage are free of charge.

Once the app is activated, it shows up in the Terminal header under the Terminal apps tab.

Let's look at the Analytics in more detail

Firstly, consumption metrics focus on the average session lengths and divergence from your average usage. It's a great tool to catch cases where devices have sent staggering amounts of SMS, for example. Also, observing these metrics is the most efficient method to keep an eye on data consumption.

Secondly, metrics about costs are all about optimisation and keeping your expenses under control. Perhaps there are a bunch of SIMs that regularly exceed the limits of a data package, so why not increase the data package amounts to enjoy even more significant discounts from 1oT.

Besides, sometimes there can be devices that are not actively in use and sitting in a warehouse waiting to be shipped to clients. It makes perfect sense to put those devices to a cheaper status or close them if they haven't been used for more than a year.

Thirdly, anomaly detection allows you to catch the unexpected. For example, one of our partners had its devices across Southern Europe, and out of the blue, they discovered some devices are connecting in Algeria and Tunisia. That indicates the devices were moved to locations they were not supposed to be, and the company was able to close those SIM cards to avoid fraudulent behavior.

Finally, you can always request custom metrics if something vital is currently missing from the app. Just drop your idea via 1oT Terminal, and we'll add it in no time.

All in all, the goal is to turn data into insights and insights into action. That's why 1oT is happy to add such a tool to the 1oT Terminal's toolbox.

Get in touch with our sales team at sales@1oT.com to see how we can help you with getting your devices connected.