Join the change at Mobile World Congress 2023

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The telecommunications industry meets once again in Barcelona to view cutting-edge technology and discuss future trends.

At 1oT, we are thrilled to invite MNOs and MVNOs to experience a transformation that will rejuvenate your IoT business. This is the first time we are demonstrating a comprehensive software offering that includes the Connectivity Management Platform and the Remote SIM Provisioning Platform. Both systems were designed from the ground up to enable a global connectivity service focused on IoT.

Every change needs a beginning, so take the first step and meet us at Fira Barcelona Gran Via from February 27 to March 2, 2023. Stop by our booth, which is part of the Estonian Pavilion at Congress Square, CS110. Or better yet, schedule a demo session at

A tool that no one likes to use is not a useful tool

Connectivity services are becoming more and more integrated with software. Therefore, it is important that the software is easy to use in order to maximize service quality and team motivation.

You have probably noticed that your current connectivity management platform is difficult to navigate, full of rarely used features, and incredibly slow. This leads to extra work and lower efficiency, even though the IoT market is trending toward self-service platforms.

So, how is 1oT different?

The software we license to MNOs and MVNOs is built with insights from fast-growing IoT companies and an agile connectivity service provider (1oT). Both software products, Terminal and eSIM Core, are used by 1oT's sales and back office teams to manage a wide range of IoT customers, and streamline and automate processes to do the work of teams two or three times the size of 1oT.

The fundamental principle of our design and engineering team is that software does not need a user manual. Everything is built to work right out of the box, is intuitive and incredibly easy to master.

Plus, the software has built-in workflows (best practices) that are optimized for the lifecycle of large IoT deployments. This helps your IoT customers and back-office teams save time and move faster.

1oT eSIM Core - The most modern Remote SIM Provisioning platform

We launched our eSIM infrastructure in August 2022, making us the first telecom-independent provider of eSIM connectivity services with its infrastructure and connectivity management platform. The RSP platform provides complete visibility and control over the lifecycle of their eSIMs, including downloading, activating, deactivating, and deleting carrier profiles on the eSIM cards.

1oT eSIM Core is the most advanced infrastructure because it combines AWS Cloud and on-premise deployment, making it scalable and robust from a reliability perspective. Our on-site HSM uses 100% renewable energy.

In addition, the infrastructure is managed by software that provides both familiar (what you expect from RSP) and new features. During development, we not only paid attention to GSMA specifications but also considered customer requests and market requirements.

1oT eSIM Core ensures high-quality and secure connections for telecoms of all sizes and is designed to open new pathways to efficiency and savings for IoT businesses and consumers alike.

Combined with the Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) 1oT Terminal, the RSP opens new revenue generation opportunities with enhanced value-added services.

Simplified Connectivity Management with 1oT Terminal

The 1oT licensing package includes a user-friendly self-service connectivity management platform, 1oT Terminal.

Designed to best meet the day-to-day connectivity management needs of IoT enterprises, 1oT Terminal has been a key part of 1oT's connectivity journey since its launch at MWC 2017.

Since then, the platform has evolved as 1oT has grown and continues to be advanced to better serve our customers and streamline our internal processes.

Over the years of supporting telecom companies, we have found that the 1oT Terminal provides greater efficiency in daily operations and reduces costs. The platform provides

  • SIM inventory management and provisioning,

  • IoT-specific billing and revenue assurance capabilities to ensure the profitability,

  • a complete view of the IoT customers and their subscriptions together with pricing plan and products,

  • 5x faster workflows with powerful automations,

  • integrated eSIM orchestration layer.

In addition to improved efficiency, 1oT Terminal also allows for the additional monetization of IoT customers thanks to its unique App Store model for value-added features.

Telecom companies have traditionally been viewed as incapable of becoming great software companies - until now. We have developed a CMP, have a GSMA-certified eSIM infrastructure, and are committed to empowering IoT companies and telecoms.

Stop by at MWC 2023 to learn more and see our solution live. So don't wait, join the change and make your IoT business futureproof.