Libelium Plug&Sense! is now connected with 1oT eSIM

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With great excitement, we can share the news that 1oT and Libelium have partnered to offer out-of-box IoT kits with 1oT eSIM.

By combining Libeliums hardware with 1oT eSIM, you'll get an IoT node that's suitable for various sensor projects and smart applications.

Libelium is the biggest and best known Smart City solutions provider in the world. They offer a wireless sensor network platform that delivers open-source and low-power consumption IoT solutions for various M2M and sensor projects.

3 different Libelium Kits come with 1oT eSIM

Plug & Sense! is the encapsulated version of Waspmote – an open-source sensor node for IoT. It allows a smooth deployment of the Internet of Things networks at scale while ensuring low maintenance costs.

The platform has a robust waterproof enclosure with specific external sockets to connect the sensors, solar panel, antenna, the USB cable to reprogram the node. It has been designed to be scalable, easy to deploy and keep up to date.

With Libelium, we identified three verticals where 1oT eSIM and Libelium's IoT Kit make the best combination. These are Agriculture, Smart Cities and Smart Water solutions.

1oT provides the first eSIM compatible kits on Libelium's Marketplace

All the kits come with an example source code that works with eSIM and reports measurement readings to 1oT Terminal. You can change the functions of Plug&Sense! with the provided Waspmote IDE if necessary.

And if you feel unsure about the IoT Kit, then you can receive help from Libelium. Each kit comes with 2 hours of technical support with Libelium's experts. The time can be used to design system architecture, improve the program to reduce power consumption, or solve any other hardware related question.

Libelium App on 1oT Terminal

Every buyer of the Libelium & 1oT IoT kit will receive access to 1oT Terminal. Our connectivity management software is used to provision eSIMs and manage different profiles.

But we have also developed an exclusive Libelium app that shows real-time Libelium sensor measurement readings. So the IoT Kit integrates with 1oT Terminal to show essential connectivity management and have an overview of your devices, all from the same interface.

Getting started with 1oT Terminal is simple. After logging into 1oT Terminal, you need to insert the eSIM identifier (EID) and the Libelium serial ID. Then power up your device, and it will report the sensor reading every 15 minutes.

If you still lack the needed hardware for your IoT project, Libelium will help you out.

If you already have an IoT device running on an old-school SIM, you could benefit from an eSIM. Get in touch with our sales team at and don’t miss out on this future technology.

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