Simplifying daily operations with the Workflow Automation app

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Artur Rihvk

Recently, one of our most popular value-added applications, Workflow Automation, got a major update. In this blog post, we’ll go over the current and the new features of the application, and also include actual use cases by our satisfied customers.

The functionality of the app

The Workflow Automation app was essentially built to reduce manual work that goes into day-to-day SIM management and replace it with automatic actions. With the Workflow Automation app, our customers were able to set notifications based on SIMs behaviour and select automated follow-up actions.

And now, it’s even better.

By merging Workflow Automation with the Future Events app, we made it possible to set date-based triggers for your SIMs. That enables you to schedule an action to take place far in advance.

Another useful feature is the automatic detection of contradicting workflows. While you’re able to have multiple workflows enabled at the same time, sometimes the actions scheduled can contradict each other. Now you’ll immediately be notified if something like that happens, thus preventing the malfunctioning of other scheduled events.

With the overall app overhaul, you are now able to optimise connectivity costs even further with a wider variety of data packages-related automatic actions, and certain triggers can be set for custom periods of time (e.g. an action will be triggered if a SIM has consumed more than X-amount of GB during its lifetime).

Here’s a short video introducing the overhauled Workflow Automation app in more detail.

Common use cases

A fleet management company using GPS trackers has scheduled automatic notifications in the cases of:

  • A data session exceeds the 1MB mark;

  • Monthly data consumption reaches 8MB;

These notifications will help with taking action in case of the device malfunctioning and does too much data, or with changing the data limit if the device is in use more than usual.

Another fleet management company has used the app the following way:

  • The SIMs will be automatically turned offline when they start doing data in another country.

In this case, certain SIMs shouldn’t be able to leave the country of origin and will effectively be prevented from functioning the moment they do.

A company operating smart wearables for preventing workplace injuries has scheduled automatic notifications in the cases of:

  • A data session that exceeds the 20MB limit

    • A SIM doesn’t do any data sessions for 2 or 15 days

    Both of these cases may refer to the device malfunctioning, and with the notification being sent, it can be looked into as soon as possible.

    A company focused on monitoring renewable energy:

    • A notification will be sent out when a SIM has reached 95% of its data limit, and another one will be sent if the data consumption has reached 100% of the agreed data package limit.

  • In this case, the data limit reach may be an indication that a SIM needs to be moved under another data package for it to function properly.

    If you’re interested in how the Workflow Automation app would make daily operations easier for your use case, contact for more information.