1oT Terminal integrates with Microsoft Teams

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1oT Terminal users can now bring their SIM and eSIM management to the Microsoft Teams chat app. The new integration allows users to see an overview of their SIM and eSIM cards, and receive SIM and connectivity related notifications in MS Teams channels.

The goal of Terminal is to make SIM management as efficient and straightforward as possible. Since many IoT companies use Microsoft Teams, then integration makes internal communication and SIM management processes smoother.

Let's take a closer look at how to set up the integration.

MS Teams is available from Terminal App Store, which includes many tools to improve and automate your SIM inventory management.

It takes a few steps to start the integration:

  • Download the app from Terminal App Store

  • This returns a zip file that you will need to upload to your own Teams workspace

  • Go to your Teams account and enable custom apps

  • Enable custom apps from MS Teams and upload the file to your Teams account

  • Once you have enabled custom apps, go to the ‘Upload a custom app’ section

  • Upload the zip file that you downloaded from 1oT Terminal

After enabling the app on your MS Teams account, you can receive some necessary information about your SIM cards and data usage. This way you don't need to visit Terminal and can deal with more urgent business needs.

What is possible through the Teams' integration?

  • To see data usage info about all your SIMs, use @1oT sims. It returns information on how much data has been consumed in the last 7 days and in the last month.
  • To see data usage info about countries, use @1oT countries. Through this command, you get information about data usage in all countries as well as a country by country breakdown.
  • To see data usage info about a specific group or individual SIM, use @1oT group or @1oT sim. This provides data usage for the selected group or single SIM.

The cost for activating the MS Teams app is €0.01 per active SIM. For instance, if you have 1,000 active SIMs, the monthly fee for the app is 10€.

We're thrilled if you're already using the 1oT Terminal for SIM/eSIM management and expanding your business. But, if you haven't decided yet, get in touch with our sales team at sales@1oT.com and learn all the benefits of teaming up with 1oT for deploying your smart devices worldwide.

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