1oT’s 2023 rewind: Product updates and customer highlights

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2023 was another exciting year for the 1oTeam. Let’s walk through our biggest achievements and peek into our 1oT eSIM updates, customer success stories, and this year’s events.

Also, head over to our 1oT Terminal rewind to see how we improved our connectivity management platform this year!

1oT eSIM updates

Launching the Consumer eSIM Core

Last year, we introduced 1oT eSIM Core to support M2M eSIM architecture. This September, we launched and certified the consumer version of the eSIM infrastructure.

We are now one of just 24 companies in the world that have certified both consumer and M2M eSIM infrastructures, a huge achievement for a team of only 30 people!

There were two reasons for building our own consumer eSIM infrastructure.

Firstly, we were encouraged by the positive feedback on our M2M eSIM infrastructure. And secondly, the upcoming IoT eSIM spec (SGP.32) leverages the SM-DP+ to a large extent. With our consumer infrastructure already in place, we can utilize the IoT eSIM architecture and provide a comprehensive global connectivity service faster.

What does 1oT eSIM Core mean for network operators?

Thanks to frictionless onboarding and eSIM activation, telecoms' customers will have no more brick-and-mortar hassles! Also, telecom employees can quickly manage eUICC and eSIM profiles and go over instant analytics with real-time visibility at their fingertips from our web-based interface.

New telecom profiles on 1oT eSIM

We added three new telecom profiles on the 1oT eSIM. The newcomers are CITIC Telecom, KPN IoT, and OV. Thanks to the new profiles, our connectivity clients can enjoy improved coverage and more competitive pricing all over the world.

Using eSIM technology for your IoT devices is a great way to future-proof your deployments. eSIM technology allows you to quickly switch telecom profiles over the air whenever you want. This protects you from deployment disruptions related to longer outages or network shutdowns.

Using eSIMs in your devices will also make scaling into new markets smoother. IoT companies of all sizes can simplify the deployment process and enable global roll-outs without complicating the supply chain.

Sharing our experience using AWS cloud services

In August 2022, we launched our eSIM RSP infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This made us the first carrier-independent eSIM connectivity service provider with its own infrastructure and connectivity management platform (CMP).

Now, AWS has written an article about our experience hosting part of our eSIM Core on their cloud. It explores how we implemented the cloud solution in compliance with the GSMA SAS-SM security standard. They also made video interviews where we explained the business and technical benefits that made us opt for their cloud solution.

Using a combination of on-premises and cloud data centers, we can benefit from the elasticity, scalability, security, cost-optimization, and smaller carbon footprint of the public cloud.

Shared successes with our customers

Elisa Finland's two years of licensing the 1oT Terminal

We celebrated two years of Elisa Finland licensing the 1oT Terminal. Elisa's Business Lead of Corporate Customers' IoT Connectivity, Taavi Mattila, shared how they have streamlined their IoT business processes, enhanced rate plan management, and provided real-time insight to their customers.

We have learned a lot from Elisa Finland's feature suggestions, which have significantly contributed to improving the 1oT Terminal. Their feedback has allowed us to improve the functionalities around creating and managing rate plans, which allows telecoms to offer much more customized solutions for their enterprise customers.

Ampler Bikes benefitting from 1oT Terminal's apps

Ampler Bikes is an award-winning e-bike manufacturer. We helped Ampler during the manufacturing of their second generation of e-bikes with hardware selection and testing and created a helpful "test status" feature, which allowed Ampler's technology partner to conduct comprehensive connectivity tests without immediate costs.

As Ampler has over 24,000 active users worldwide, automating manual tasks has become crucial for them. So, after two years of using 1oT Terminal to simplify their eSIM management, Ampler shared how they utilize our value-added apps — namely, Workflow automation and API.

Check out the case study to learn how Ampler monitors data usage and automates bulk action with our apps!

Making remote care accessible with Pandu Solutions

Pandu Solutions is a Dublin-based technology company that develops and manufactures PanPan, a safety watch designed to improve the lives of seniors and other vulnerable people in Europe.

They were looking for a SIM card provider that could offer connectivity across the EU and the UK for their clients and coverage during production at their factory in China.

Our solution included two separate plans with different rates and billing methods:

  1. One plan facilitated device testing in China during their quality assurance process.
  2. The second plan, including data, voice, and SMS capabilities, provided connectivity for devices once they reached the European market.

The data package in China significantly streamlined their production by enabling thorough device testing before leaving the manufacturing facility. This made their production more efficient by reducing the time required to have a market-ready device by at least two months. Read the rest here!

Networking and getting recognized for our efforts

We attended 15 conferences all over the world, starting with the CES in January and finishing the year at Slush in December.

We started the year with two great news!

Firstly, we received the IoT Breakthrough award as the “M2M Innovative Solution of the Year” for our revolutionary eSIM infrastructure, 1oT eSIM Core!

And secondly, we were shortlisted for the IoT Global Awards in two categories!

  • Research & Development Or New Launch
  • Start-Up, Business Development Or Ecosystem Of The Year

Later in the year, we made the top 10 innovators in the Entrepreneurship Awards competition organized by Enterprise Estonia.

The 1oTeam is very excited for the next year, as we have some big projects in the works. In the meantime, keep track of us via our LinkedIn page or subscribe to our monthly newsletter!